Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Welcome to Part 2 of "Fun In Our Yard"... Yuccas! The beauty of the yucca family is that there are so many varieties native to the Southwest, and it would appear to me that yet to be a strong consensus of what's exactly what. Not to mention that the darn plant seems to hybridize in nature. So for us, it provides a lifelong learning opportunity, or curse. We're not sure, yet. For most yuccas, accurate identification is only possible while flowering, and so far most of ours are still too young for that kind of mature adult activity. These have all over-wintered through two (or more) extreme winters, so we're quite hopeful.

yucca harrimaniae (1 of 2)
Doll House Yucca
Found in the Four Corner region.

yucca harrimaniae (2 of 2)
Harriman's Yucca

yucca baccata
Banana Yucca
Found in the Southwest from Texas to California, and prominent in the Durango area.

yucca filamentosa 'Golden Sword'
Adam's Needle
Found throughout the Southeastern US.

yucca elata 'Drew's Special Select of Jeff Wagner's nursery via Ft. Collins Nursery'
Soaptree Yucca "Mini Me"
Found in the Southwest from Texas to Arizona.

yucca schottii
Mountain Yucca
Found in southern New Mexico and Arizona.

yucca faxoniana
Eve's Needle
Found in the Texas and New Mexico.

yucca recurvifolia
Curved Leaf Yucca
Found in the Southeastern US.

yucca elata
Soaptree Yucca
Found in the Southwest from Texas to Arizona.

yucca glauca
Great Plains Yucca
Found throughout the Great Plains states from Canada to Mexico.
Prominent in the Durango area, the western extreme of it's native range. West of Durango, it evolves into yucca angustissima or yucca baileyi or yucca neomexicana or yucca harrimaniae, depending on who you talk to. But really, they're all just Narrow Leaf Yuccas.

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