Friday, January 28, 2011


finesse |fəˈnes|
verb1. do (something) in a subtle and delicate manner

This Word of the Day is brought to you by Brandon Donahue.

ART Temporary Closure

For IMMEDIATE Release, FRIDAY, January 28, 2011
NEWS Release
Animas River Trail Closure

Durango, CO: The portion of Animas River Trail at the south side of the pedestrian bridge between the La Plata County Humane Society and the Durango Mall will be closed for utility work the week of Monday, January 31. Utility construction work is scheduled to commence Monday morning and should be completed by the end of the week. The Animas River Trail will reopen as soon as the work is completed.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rule #65

Bicycles must adhere to the Principle of Silence and as such must be meticulously maintained. No squeaks, creaks, or chain noise allowed. Only the soothing hum of your tires upon the tarmac and the rhythm of your breathing may be audible when riding. When riding the Pave, the sound of chain slap is acceptable. The Principle of Silence can be extended to say that if you are suffering such that your breathing begins to adversely effect the enjoyment of the other riders in the bunch, you are to summarily sit up and allow yourself to be dropped.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot Off The Press

Our limited supply of Bicycle Friendly Durango Colorado tee shirts have been delivered to us by Amber Blake, Durango's Multi Modal Coordinator. Price is a mere $15, with $5 per jersey going directly to improve bike facilities in the City of Durango and another $5 going to the Safe Roads Coalition of La Plata County, who have a mission to promote safe roads, pathways, and sidewalks in La Plata County and its Towns and Cities for all users. So if you want to promote alternative transportation in Durango, this is great way to show your champion your support. And talk about a chance to improve your cycling karma!

To get one or more tee shirts for yourself, you can visit us at Bouré HQ, order on-line (Click for MEN'S or WOMEN'S), or stop by Mountain Bike Specialists at 949 Main Ave in downtown Durango.

MEN'S - oceana, pistachio, indigo blue & charcoal

WOMEN'S - navy, avocado, charcoal & chocolate

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big Chill

This has been Durango's coldest winter in awhile, with recorded temperatures as low as -26°F and periods below 0°F that have lasted for over 16 hours. While the skiing has been superb, the cycling's been quite bracing. And as committed horticulturalists, we're keeping our fingers crossed that our trees and shrubs emerge alive and intact this Spring.

The icy Animas River as seen behind Durango High School.