Thursday, October 15, 2009

David Jones FC508

David Jones Inducted into Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame

Drew and Wade,
Well, I made it to the finish of another FC508, my 6th. It was supposed to be an easy victory lap to celebrate my induction into the 508 Hall of Fame ( but turned out to be a real test of will thanks to historic headwinds for 100+ miles through Death Valley and continuing to Baker (228 mile to 380 mile). We got some good photos of me in this years team jersey(s) I thought you would like. The long sleeve white jersey was ideal for the long stretch across the Mojave desert on Saturday and the thermal jersey kept me cozy comfortable for the fast chilly descent into the Shoshone Time Station (326 mile mark). I am still dreaming about doing Solo RAAM again but have decided to put it off till 2011. Thanks for the great support over the years.

Descent from Windmill Climb - Saturday AM

Townes Pass Climb - Saturday PM

Descent to Shoshone - Sunday AM

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