Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Caffè a Portland

We left Durango for Portland to find good food, wine and coffee. We were not disappointed, at least not until we faced the prospects of returning home.

Lisa waits expectantly for a macchiato at Portland's Spella Caffe (find it downtown at Alder and 7th or

One macchiato and one cappuccino...

Duly impressed, I'll have to start pulling a better espresso upon my return home to insure marital bliss.

We moved to Durango over 20 years ago, when there was no place to get a good espresso. Now, like much of America, Durango is littered with places to get espresso, yet we're still waiting for someone to serve a really good espresso. Really want a good espresso when in Durango? Perhaps you'll have to get in touch with me? So, come on!

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