Monday, October 5, 2009

BBF No.7

It was all smiles and yucks (and black and red) before the Day 1 ride to Lemon Dam.

Drew explains the not-oft-traveled route of Long Hollow to Dan Bowman and Jon Delacey while refueling at the Red Mesa Bakery on the Day 2 Tour of the Dryside.

The dirt roads near Breen, Marvel, Kline and Red Mesa were in fantastic shape! And cars? What cars?

Our largest group met for the Day 3 ride to Bondad and back on La Posta Road.

We smartly key off Walt Axthelm - multiple-time National and World Champion - on the way back from Bondad.

Unfortunately, the Day 4 ride to Mesa Verde was cancelled due to rain and high winds. But Ned took us out for a Mountain Bike ride on the Telegraph Trail system on Day 5.

Spencer Compton, Durango Wheel Club President and Grand Poobah, enjoys a moment of MTB bliss with Jim Davis and Todd Runck.

Day 6 ends with a free ride home for some - fortunately just as a precaution. Nice to have Steve Colford (decorated San Diego Firefighter) and Dr. Jack McManus (Durango ER Physician and Cyclocrosser) along for the ride when the unexpected arises!

Emmett McManus prepares himself for Day 7 ride to Bakers Bridge.

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  1. way to go guys. what a year! fall of 2009... damn good time....