Thursday, April 21, 2011

La Plata County Bike Map

A big round of applause for Bouré's Wade Moore and the Staff of La Plata County who collaborated to create the first ever La Plata County Bike Map. The maps are fresh off the presses and will available starting tomorrow (Friday, April 22nd). You can get one from the at the City of Durango Transit Center, the La Plata County Courthouse Information Desk, at local bike shops, or right here at Boure Bicycle Clothing's World HQ. We'd be happy to include one with any order... just let us know.

This map is designed to showcase the many beautiful and quiet rural roads of La Plata County, and the best ways to get in and around Durango on a bike. The map highlights six great rides, features the trail systems around Durango, and even has a few safety tips. And hopefully, the map will help Durango's many cycling visitors find more pleasurable cycling routes than Main Avenue and the US Highways in and around Durango.

Special thanks to La Plata County's Jim Davis, Jason Meininger, Shawn Nau, Robbie Overfield and Rob Bergstrom who toiled to make the map a reality. More thanks go to local cycling advocacy groups; the Safe Roads Coalition, Healthy Lifestyles La Plata, Trails 2000 and the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic for their generous contributions. Additional information was provided by the City of Durango's Amber Blake and Kevin Hall, and Basin Printing generously donated their expert, Eran Schoelhorn, to make it a first-class map.

Click HERE to see the map in all 16mb of glorious detail.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Old Man & The Sea Otter

Ol' Ned Overend was at it last weekend, as usual. Despite his much ballyhooed retirement back in the 90's, we've never known him not to be in race shape and ready to throw it down. And at age 55, here he is doing just that in the Elite Men's Cross Country MTB Race at the Sea Otter Classic. As you tell by the expression on his face, now he's just doing it for fun.

In case you've forgotten, Ned's worn those World Championships stripes on his sleeves since earning them in Durango in 1990.

Ned raced the event on an as-yet-unreleased 29in-wheeled alloy hardtail called Carve. So not only did he finish the race respectively (definitely the first over-50 racer), he was doing R&D at the same time!

Oh BTW, our friend, kid-neighbor, and Ned's Specialized teammate Todd Wells won the race.

Photos from

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Amstel Gold & Lance

Tune into the Amstel Gold Race Live on the the Interweb Sunday morning.

Often a part of Lance Armstrong's early season build-up to the Tour de France, he always performed exceptionally well... but came up tantalizingly short.

Lance on the attack in Amstel Gold

2nd by an inch to Michael Boogerd in 1999

2nd to Erik Dekker in 2001

4th to Michele Bartoli in 2002

Friday, April 15, 2011

Poloships Update

Bike Polo is in Durango this weekend!

12 Men's Teams, 4 Women's Teams

Saturday, April 16
FLC Softball Fields, 10am-3pm - Round Robin Play
Buckley Park, 5:30-10pm - Championship Brackets
8:00pm - All-Star Game
8:30pm - Womens Final
9:00pm - Mens Final

There will be food vendors at Buckley and the lights will come on at 7:30pm, with announcers and tons of bike action for you spectation delight. Free admission and bleachers to sit upon, so come cheer on your favorite Malletheads!


A Bicycle Polo Documentary
An action segment of the soon to be released bicycle polo film.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A "Friendly Training Ride"

Group training rides are the backbone of most Cat 3's training programs. Pride, ego and pecking order is often determined by these weekly sessions. Brought together are often different personalities with little else in common other than to have... A "FRIENDLY TRAINING RIDE!"

"What do you say we take it easy today?"
"OK with me. I was out late last night."
"Let's just have a mello spin."

Each one knows this is pure smokescreen! After a brief warm up, these competitive types will break out a hammer fest!!

In Durango, we call this the Tuesday night rides.

The Poloship Cometh

Rocky Mountain Grass Poloships
April 16, 2011

The 2011 Rocky Mountain Grass Poloships will take place in Durango, Colorado on Saturday, April 16th to decide the 2011 holders of the Colorado Cup. Grass bike polo has been played around the world for over one hundred years and after 20 years of hibernation, the fast action sport appears to be back in Colorado. The Colorado Cup is a traveling trophy that grew from a 2009 challenge tourney in Lyons between Boulder, Fort Collins, Carbondale and Durango. Whomever wins the tourney, keeps the cup and owns rights to host the next challenge tourney.

Teams from all over the Four Corners have been invited. 14 mens teams and 5 women's teams have made commitments thus far. The morning Round Robin Play will take place on the Fort Lewis College Campus, to determine seeding for the championship bracket. Then play moves to downtown Durango under the lights at Buckley Park. The mens and women's finals games will be aired live on local radio KDUR 91.9 FM with halftime shows and an All-Star game to add to the excitement. The 2011 RMGP is being put on by Passion Productions, promoters of the 2009 Single Speed World Championships, and the sponsors for the event are Fort Lewis College Cycling, Durango Cyclery, Ska Brewing, Steamworks Brewing, King Cages, Durango DEVO, Pool Creative, Target Rental, Pam Cheeney Retires, Leamonhead Hair Salon, City Market and Durango 9R School District. Each sponsor was allowed a team and drafted players from a long list of Durango locals.

Sound Sweet or What!
Chainsaw Cheeney

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newly Shorn Arrivals!

This is the jersey that has sheep pleading, "Shear Me!"

Our brand new lightweight Bouré Wool jersey will envelope you in the unsurpassed delight of 100% extra-fine Merino wool. Beautifully chain-stitched embroidered logos on front, back, and sleeves make this wool jersey a one-of-a-kind. Three rear pockets and 15 cm zipper. Performs in hot weather as well as cool. Wool... what can't it do?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who Rides?

Fun photos from our latest "WE LIKE ..." links, Rides a Bike.

Marlena Dietrich Rides a Bike... and shows how to look marvelous.

Joan Crawford Rides a Bike... on rollers

Elvis Rides a Bike... and signs autographs on a boy's head

Humphrey Bogart Rides a Bike... with a hand in his pocket

All photos from Rides a Bike. Visit the site for many great shots.

Schweeet Elite Team Update

The Devo Sweet Elite is getting ready for Race #1 in Fruita and they'll have this glossy Team postcard to pass out while there. Then Teal is going to the Sea Otter Classic is California mid-month and the team is partnering with Specialized to get her to the race and take care of her while she's there. The Sea Otter is quite possibly the largest MTB event of the year in the States and it's good to have the jersey in that prestigious field. And a big thanks to Specialized for all their help.