Monday, October 19, 2009

New CDOT Bike/Ped Policy

Thanks to the tireless of work of Wade Moore (who answers the phone at Bouré) and the many members of the Safe Roads Coalition, Colorado's Transportation Commission has approved Colorado Department of Transportation's new Bike/Ped policy.

The directive is rather lengthy and awaiting implementation, but Wade Moore states that the key point is, "...the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians shall be included in the planning, design, and operation of transportation facilities, as a matter of routine ..."

Betsy Jacobson, the Bike-Ped coordinator for CDOT says, "This is an exciting day for me and I really want to thank you for your help. There'll be much work ahead as we start to implement the policy; but it's great to know the efforts of this committee have clearly helped make a safer, friendlier, bicycle and pedestrian state."

Wade relayed the good news to local advocates and offered, "Thank you for all your work and support as we developed the language and moved through this process. Great results for great work! Pat yourselves on the back and have a celebratory drink!"

Wade on the go!


  1. Congrats on the policy change at CDOT. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but who's Wade Moore?

  2. Yokita,
    Wade Moore (né Oren Getchell Moore III) is the Founder Father and Fearless Leader of the Safe Roads Coalition of La Plata County, and my day-to-day business partner at Boure Bicycle Clothing. Though he prefers to operate behind the scenes, I will attest that no one has done more than him to improve road conditions for cyclists in the Durango area.

  3. Ah ha! Very well done!

    I'm a friend of Buzz Feldman who runs Safe Routes in Longmont (waaay on the other side of the state :-) )

  4. Who is Wade Moore? Indeed, Nephew Drew Bourey's answer is entirely reasonable but he left out some important information, e.g., Hwade's parents apparently left off the "H" on his name. Plus, Hwade is a Kook. I would also advise people to administer flying butt kicks to Hwade whenever the opportunity persents itself. -VA