Monday, September 26, 2011

Late Bloomers

Surviving is every cacti's middle name, right in between genus and species... as in Escobaria 'survivor' varicolor. Durango's dry, windy Spring was followed by a Summer with extended dry periods. However, recent soaking rains (the last hurrah of our monsoon season) gave some of our adolescent cacti a second chance to flower and reproduce. Many of the cacti in our yard have done just that.

Foxtail Cactus
Escobaria varicolor

Photos by Lisa Bourey


  1. How did I miss that one? What great pix of this stunning cactus. It's a new one for me (although I grow a ton of Escobarias)...You will send me scurrying to Mesa Gardens' catalog!

    Very much enjoyed meeting you Drew! Your and Lisa's garden is a gem.

  2. Panayoti --

    I think it was in bloom right up until that last cold snap, which you experienced. That cactus came from Bill Adam's nursery, and I'd note that his name for it appeared to be but one of many synonyms for the same species - such as Coryphantha varicolor, Escobaria tuberculosa, Escobaria dasyacantha var. varicolor, Escobaria strobiliformis, and Mammillaria tuberculosa amongst others. Keeps me good and confused...

    It was an honor to have you in our garden and I look forward to visiting Denver Botanical Gardens to admire those big, beautiful succulents!