Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Micropolitan Banana Stand

*With Apologies to Dortmunder*

Durango Ranks Number One as the Top Micropolitan in the Nation!

From the department of shameless promotion, Bouré Bicycle Clothing has been named as one of the vibrant companies that makes the quality of life in Durango so special.

The Durango area was recently named as the number one micropolitan in the nation. A micropolitan is a small city with a population of more than 10,000 but less than 50,000. Policom, an independent economic research firm, recently conducted a study that determined that Durango/La Plata County area has the strongest economy in the United States, edging out 575 other similar-sized areas.

This isn’t Durango’s first dabbling in the top 10 for economic strength as it debuted in 2008 and steadily climbed to the number one spot. The study shows that Durango has an extremely robust economy and higher than average wages. Strong industries like natural resources, farming, tourism, the second home market, and vibrant companies such as Mercury Payment Systems, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Bouré Bicycle Clothing, among many others have helped grow the economy, contributing to the quality of life that the community enjoys.

There’s no doubt that Durango is an incredible place to live, work and visit! While the population is only 16,000 people, the vibrant town features a quality of life much like a larger, metropolitan city with a plethora of things to do. Downtown Durango features an incredible arts scene with galleries, rejuvenating spas, unique boutiques and more restaurants per capita than San Francisco. Fort Lewis College also brings additional culture, energy and a positive vibe that makes the town thrive. As home to Mercy Regional Medical Center and as the headquarters for the Four Corners area, Durango’s sophisticated healthcare services are equal to the level of care other communities ten times its size have.

And the spectacular, rugged San Juan Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for maintaining this quality lifestyle. Durango has some of the best weather around with winter days that produce perfect conditions for skiing and riding, as well as a warm, sunny, dry climate that makes enjoying summer and fall outdoor adventures that much better! With hundreds of miles of trails, natural hot springs and abundant wildlife, it’s easy to find ways to escape the hectic day-to-day activities of life. It’s no wonder people are drawn here.

We invite you to be part of this vibrant community that is a great investment for many more reasons than were listed above. Come visit Durango Mountain Resort this autumn to view the brilliant fall colors this area is known for and see what a top micropolitan culture can bring to your life.

Story by Regan Dickinson, Denver Ski and Snow Report Examiner.com
Promotional Flyer by Durango Mountain Reality

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