Thursday, September 15, 2011


Fungophiles have been ecstatic over the quality and quantity of mushrooms available during this year's "mushrooming" season in the southwestern San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Not to be left out, we joined in the pleasure of beautiful alpine hiking followed by delicious cuisine.

Cantharellus cibarius, commonly known as the chanterelle, is a fungus in the family of Cantharellaceae. It is orange or yellow, meaty and funnel-shaped. On the lower surface, underneath the smooth cap, it has gill-like ridges that run almost all the way down its stipe, which tapers down seamlessly from the cap. It has a fruity smell, reminiscent of apricots and a mildly peppery taste and is considered an excellent edible mushroom.

Mushroom Territory

Into the Pan

Chanterelles, garlic & jalapeno

Chanterelles & garden vegetable broth over angel hair pasta

Photography and Cuisine by Lisa Bourey

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  1. Hi Lisa Bourey, I'm a friend of Drew's mother, Patty White, I am a passionate photographer and fan of photography...I LOVE YOUR photos...thank you for sharing. Mummm the mushrooms looked so tasty. Patty