Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Safe Routes to Riverview

Announcing new safety improvements at Riverview School for students who still practice the time-honored tradition of walking to school... even in the snow (albeit not through than 10-feet of snow without proper footwear, like our parents).

Riverview TEAM (a parent-teacher organization with the acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More), Riverview parents who support Safe Routes to School, Bouré Bicycle Clothing and the Safe Roads Coalition recently raised money to purchase three sets of Crosswalk signs to increase safety at three Crosswalks adjacent to Riverview School. After personally witnessing several near accidents at these locations, I'd have to note that these signs have significantly increased awareness for student pedestrians using these Crosswalks, while alerting and educating parents of the Colorado State Law that requires them to Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalks. A special thanks to Principal Doug Geygan and beloved-teacher-turned-custodian Brian Honold who've taken the extra time to put them out both before and after school.

This newly signed Crosswalk is at the west end of Riverview's entry/exit on Mesa Avenue. In this particular case, these signs increase visibility for children who cross in the morning from the shadows on the left.

This young Riverview student uses the newly signed Crosswalk on the way to school, while still employing the time-tested, pre-signed techniques of wear bright clothing and sprint when clear.

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