Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 Bouré Team Jerseys

Well, our 2011 Team jerseys are designed and prepared for final production. Both jerseys have full-length zippers for maximum cooling and ease of donning/doffing, with bright coloring to keep you visible on the road and to aid in backcountry rescue. Our LS jersey is made with a super-cooling, SPF-35 fabric (SQ Pro with Mynx UV for you fabric technophiles) and feature white sleeves for maximum summer comfort and sun protection. As per the norm, we're offering them at Pre-Sale pricing through March, with delivery in early April. And our Elite shorts are now on Sale, but only until March 15th.

Men's & Women's Boure Team SS jerseys
Regularly $70, Pre-sale $60

Men's & Women's Boure Team SPF-35 LS jerseys
Regularly $85, Pre-sale $75

Men's and Women's Elite shorts
Save $15-$20

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