Friday, March 18, 2011

EZ-Steps for Field Botany

A Quick & EZ Guide to Finding and Identifying Native Plant Species.

1. Possess Good Plant Identification Books for the region of your travels.
2. Ignore Silly Signs that warn of impending risk.
3. See! Smooth roads... no problem.

4. Confidently Reassure Family Members who may begin to worry as the road steepens, crossing streams, and rapidly deteriorates. Wonder (but never out loud) if we'll be able to turn this all around when the road ends at the Wilderness boundary?

5. Set-up a Identification Field Laboratory.
Insure it has good lighting, while still suitable for sore-foot soaking and cold-beer drinking.
6. Identify Plants.
Start with easy ones to get warmed up.
Arizona Sycamore
Plantanus wrightii

Dasylirion wheeleri

7. Replace Broken Tail Lights (and other broken parts) after returning to smooth roads.

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Bourey


  1. What a nice sunny jaunt! Over hill, over dale, the Boureys and their trailer will prevail.

  2. I will, however, be dropping off my trailer tomorrow morning to replace a severely bent jack. At the same time I'm having the trailer raised 4-inches higher. So watch out Primitive Roads!