Monday, April 18, 2011

The Old Man & The Sea Otter

Ol' Ned Overend was at it last weekend, as usual. Despite his much ballyhooed retirement back in the 90's, we've never known him not to be in race shape and ready to throw it down. And at age 55, here he is doing just that in the Elite Men's Cross Country MTB Race at the Sea Otter Classic. As you tell by the expression on his face, now he's just doing it for fun.

In case you've forgotten, Ned's worn those World Championships stripes on his sleeves since earning them in Durango in 1990.

Ned raced the event on an as-yet-unreleased 29in-wheeled alloy hardtail called Carve. So not only did he finish the race respectively (definitely the first over-50 racer), he was doing R&D at the same time!

Oh BTW, our friend, kid-neighbor, and Ned's Specialized teammate Todd Wells won the race.

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