Thursday, April 21, 2011

La Plata County Bike Map

A big round of applause for Bouré's Wade Moore and the Staff of La Plata County who collaborated to create the first ever La Plata County Bike Map. The maps are fresh off the presses and will available starting tomorrow (Friday, April 22nd). You can get one from the at the City of Durango Transit Center, the La Plata County Courthouse Information Desk, at local bike shops, or right here at Boure Bicycle Clothing's World HQ. We'd be happy to include one with any order... just let us know.

This map is designed to showcase the many beautiful and quiet rural roads of La Plata County, and the best ways to get in and around Durango on a bike. The map highlights six great rides, features the trail systems around Durango, and even has a few safety tips. And hopefully, the map will help Durango's many cycling visitors find more pleasurable cycling routes than Main Avenue and the US Highways in and around Durango.

Special thanks to La Plata County's Jim Davis, Jason Meininger, Shawn Nau, Robbie Overfield and Rob Bergstrom who toiled to make the map a reality. More thanks go to local cycling advocacy groups; the Safe Roads Coalition, Healthy Lifestyles La Plata, Trails 2000 and the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic for their generous contributions. Additional information was provided by the City of Durango's Amber Blake and Kevin Hall, and Basin Printing generously donated their expert, Eran Schoelhorn, to make it a first-class map.

Click HERE to see the map in all 16mb of glorious detail.

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  1. The cover photo looks suspiciously like Drew (in the background) chuckling as Ned goes off the front.