Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Me & My Sharrow

Another historic milestone was passed yesterday with the installation of Durango's very first "Sharrow" on Roosa Ave, a much-used cycling route that does not allow sufficient width to provide for cycling lanes. Work will continue this week to install additional "Sharrows" and complete this cycling route from 9th St to Hwy 160 West.

"Sharrows" were only recently "Federally-Approved" for use and are designed to alert cyclists and motorists that they will be sharing one lane. Though merely two of the many members of the Safe Roads Coalition, Wade and Drew are strong believers that a well-defined cyclist/motorist environment is the most effective way to reduce confusion and conflict, and the best way to create safe roads for all users. Much appreciation to the City of Durango for their continuous and progressive work to improve road safety conditions for cyclists, in particular Amber Blake (MultiModal Coordinator and very recent new mother) and Jack Rogers (Director of Public Works).

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