Friday, July 23, 2010

Durango Dominates Dirt

Durangoans Win 15 National MTB Titles

Maybe it's our longstanding traditional of mountain biking excellence and innovation? Maybe it's the water? Maybe it's the influence of Ned Overend and the Durango DEVO coaches of Chad Cheeney and Sarah Tescher? Or maybe others have forgotten that Mountain Biking is still a sport? Whatever it is, we're extremely proud to list them all below.

National Champions AliciaRose Pastore, Todd Wells, Tad Elliott, Ned Overend, Howard Grotts.
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U.S. National MTB Championships
SolVista Bike Park at Granby Ranch
July 15-18, 2010

Cross Country
Todd Wells, Men's Elite
Ned Overend, Men's Singlespeed
Sarah Tescher, Women's Singlespeed
Martha Iverson, Women's 60+
Sage Wilderman, Women's U23
AliciaRose Pastore, Jr. Women's 17-18
Tad Elliott, Men's U23
Christopher Blevins, Jr. Men's 11-12
Kaylee Blevins, Cat 2 Jr. Women's 15-18

Greg Herbold, Men's 45-49
Wyatt Freier, Jr. Men's 11-12

Short Track Cross Country
Todd Wells, Men's Elite
AliciaRose Pastore, Jr. Women's 17-18
Howard Grotts, Jr. Men's 17-18
Kaylee Blevins, Jr. Women's 15-18

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