Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hard Cash for Safe Routes

Park Elementary Awarded Safe Routes to School Grant of $208,000!

Heathly Lifestyles of La Plata County (an active member of the Safe Roads Coalition!) has successfully written a Safe Routes to School grant application in collaboration with the City of Durango for Park Elementary School. This will enable the City of Durango to make much-needed upgrades to the infrastructure around the school and adjoining city park. The money will be used to add bulb-outs at Crosswalks, widen sidewalks, paint new striping, add signage, upgrade and add kid-sized bike racks, install a new bus stop for middle and high school students who catch the bus there, replace the fence around the city park, and install electronic flashing speed signs along the busy and adjacent College Avenue. All of the infrastructure changes will be done by the City of Durango’s Public Works Department and are scheduled to be completed by the start of school in the Fall of 2010. Park Elementary will function as a pilot school for the Durango School District for the purpose of encouraging more kids and parents to walk and bike to school in a safe and secure setting. Safe Routes to School grants are provided to promote physical activity in our children's daily lives, and give families more time to enjoy and connect with their neighborhoods and communities!

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