Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Durango's Bike to Work Day

Dear Durango Bicycling Enthusiast --

We know you all do a lot to support bicycling in our community - attend meetings, petition for bicycle-friendly accommodations and more - but nothing does more to show you support a cycling future than getting on your bike every day and using it to get to work, do your shopping and spend time with your family. What if you can't do it everyday? Well, at least show your support by signing up for Bike to Work Day. It's FREE, fun and will have 3 convenient locations on Wednesday, June 23rd - Buckley Park, The Transit Center and Diggs in Three Springs - where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, pick up a free t-shirt, enter to win prizes, and more!

Since MultiModal Transportation is the newest, bestest thing - now that the City of Durango has hired a MultiModal Director, Amber Blake - this year's event has expanded to include transit, walking and carpooling, in addition to biking. On-line registration is now Live (link below). When registering for free, you'll be asked to choose one of the 3 pit stops and select your tee shirt size. Just don't forget to register by June 3rd to ensure that a free tee shirt is waiting for you that morning.

What if you can't participate that morning, but still support bicycle commuting or other alternative forms of transportation? We still recommend supporting the Clean Commute Week Mission Statement (below) by registering! The more registrants there are this year, the more our voices will be heard next year. And please forward this information to any and all people you know who may be interested in participating and/or showing their support this year.

Check out the website (http://www.getarounddurango.com/clean-commute-week/ ) for the latest information on events.

And if you have any questions or need any advice on getting started, please contact Amber Blake at blakeak@ci.durango.co.us or call 375-4949.

Happy Commuting,
Drew Bourey and Wade Moore
Bouré Bicycle Clothing & Safe Roads Coalition

Mission Statement for Clean Commute Week
Clean Commute Week is an effort by the City of Durango to encourage a shift in the way our citizens think about transportation. Our goal is to promote the use of alternative modes of transportation to benefit people’s health, the health of our community and the environment. By promoting bicycling, walking, carpooling, and public transportation as environmentally responsible and practical options, we hope to excite people about the benefits of clean commuting and get them to take a break from their single occupancy vehicles. We hope that through our events, people will learn that commuting cleanly can be easy, cost effective, and fun.

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