Thursday, November 19, 2009


If you've called Bouré, then you know that Uncle H-Wade offers the best customer service ever. Ever! Need a Custom-Fit pair of shorts, no problem! Not sure what kind of clothing you might need for a future event. Wade's all over it! Need advice on how to live on 12-volts? Got it! How to finance and bond a $18,000,000 road project. Please! Here we try to explore how that kind of customer service is born.

This is the home Wade's granddad grew up.
He has been told that his granddad, Oren Getchell Moore (aka Daddy-O), proclaimed "it the nicest in Willacoochee, Georgia when I was a kid".

(L-to-R) Father Oren Getchell Moore Jr, John "Baby" Moore, mother Kathy Moore, Kitten Moore, and Wade (aka Oren Getchell Moore III) as a youngster (far right with both legs in casts). Note those worn out knees.

Wade posing with Hal McLean, living legend of Durango cycling, atop Lemon Dam during Bike Fweest 2008.


  1. First, I must say that Uncle Hwade is generally a nice fellow and typically very helpful and pleasant on the phone. Couple of questions -- did Hwade live in that house in Florida? (I assumed he grew up in a place named something like Hann Harbor Michigan). And, what's up with the leg casts? Were his folks just trying to limit the damage he could do himself and his surroundings? Indeed, he looked like a rambunctious kid.

  2. Actually Veg Axe, since you were so quick to post, you missed that Willy'sCoochie is in Georgia. That was my Great Grandfather's house where Oren the first was raised to emancipation and where his father was Willacoochee County Checker Champion. You are correct though, I was living in Savanahahaha at the time of the casting events! Sort of Like A squared. The leg casts were to promote better kicking for swimming, hence why I left your behind while swimming at C squared, natch!