Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animas Mountain Mysteries

Animas City Mountain rises about 1500 feet above north Durango. Mountain? Maybe more of a tilted mesa. I'm guessing (off the top of my head) that in 20+ years I've run, hiked and ridden Animas Mountain about 500 times. However it's done, it's steep and hard, offers great views and some fantastic vegetation.

Photography by Jeff Wagner, Founder of The Colorado Dendrological Society.

Quercus undulata, or Wavy Leaf Oak.
Not often found in our area. I huffed right by it 496 times before first spotting it with my wife.

Same Wavy Leaf Oak. Can remain evergreen (or considered a "live oak") in slightly warmer climes. We've yet to find acorns.

Anyone know him?

Looking south to Durango.

Animas River Valley just north of town.

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  1. Animas Mountain ain't for whimps - maybe my most missed ride, run and hike in Durango -