Friday, June 28, 2013

Excellent Friday Time Waster

100 Years of TDF Bikes
Le blog de velosvintage.over-blog.com100ème Tour de France, 100 vélos, 100 champions...

Le Tour de France 2013 fêtera sa 100ème édition. Pour commémorer la plus grande épreuve cycliste au monde, je vais vous présenter cent bicyclettes et leurs champions qui ont marqué l'histoire de la grande boucle.

The link to this blog was sent to me by longtime cycling and cycling industry veteran, Tom Hoefer, with the subject line of "Friday Time Waster". He couldn't have been more correct. I'd note that there are also nice photos of the bicycle's respective rider and racing jersey. Here's just one year to whet your appetite.

Peugeot-Wolber 1912, Marcel BUYSSE (B), 3 participations

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