Monday, July 4, 2011

Tour Translations

French: maillot à pois rouges
English: a white jersey with red dots

The Polka Dot Jersey is worn by the leader of the King of the Mountains classification in the Tour de France. It is a secondary classification in the Tour de France, in which cyclists receive points for reaching a mountain top first. The leader of the classification is named the "King of the Mountains", and since 1975 wears the Polka Dot Jersey. At the top of each climb in the Tour, there are points for the riders who are first over the top. The climbs are divided into categories from most difficult (Hors catégorie) to least difficult (Category 4) - measured as a function of their steepness and length - with more points and places awarded with increasing difficulty.

Saxifraga 'Teckles'
Fleur à pois rouges

Photos and Plants courtesy of Lisa Bourey

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