Wednesday, June 15, 2011

La Plata es Oro

Hats off to Jim Davis (County Engineer and Director of La Plata County Public Works), Doyle Villers (Road Maintenance Superintendent), Shawn Nau (County Manager) and everyone at the La Plata County Public Works Department for making La Plata County roads safer for cyclists. So next time you spot a dangerous road condition, go to the La Plata County website to let them know - and make the road safer for the next person.

La Plata County Rated #1 On New Reporting Website “See Click Fix”
Release Date: Jun 8 2011

Durango, CO - In April of 2011, La Plata County launched the web based “SeeClickFix” reporting website, designed to efficiently connect citizens with their local governmental agencies to report non-emergency road related issues. Out of the 366 governmental agencies utilizing the site, La Plata County is rated as the highest performer in percentage of items fixed and the number of days it has taken to resolve the reported issues. "SeeClickFix" is another communication tool that the public can use to alert the County Public Works Department of public safety or maintenance issues impacting our county roads. Most comments have been relevant and about issues that we can address," said Jim Davis, Director of La Plata County Public Works.

The online site, “SeeClickFix”, allows citizens to report county road maintenance, damage or other minor issues quickly and easily with the help of Google maps. The La Plata County Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of 686 miles of county roads, which includes 196 miles of paved and 490 miles of gravel roads. Some of the typical services provided include winter and summer road maintenance, maintenance of drainage facilities and structures, roadside mowing, sign installation and maintenance, and annual striping of roads.

Please note La Plata County is not responsible for roads that are private, within the city limits of Durango, Bayfield or Ignacio or State Highways.

To use the new online reporting tool, residents are encouraged to please visit the La Plata County website. Citizens can also download an app for their Blackberry, iPhone, or Android phone to participate in the program.

Typical comments focus on the following items:
• Signs
• Vegetation Blocking View
• Road Damage
• Drainage
• Pot Holes
• Traffic Flow
• Roadside Hazard
• Debris on Road
• Speed Limits

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at (970) 382-6363

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