Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ned's Specialized Friends

Ned Overend was recently traveling abroad to work with Specialized's Spanish distributor. As part of his duties, he accompanied Alberto Contador and other notable Specialized-sponsored cyclists on a 110km Specialized public-invited ride in Madrid. Here's the stellar lineup before the ride.

Specialized Riders (Left-to-Right):
Sam Hill (2010 DH World Champion)
Burry Stander (2009 U-23 XC World Champion)
Ned Overend (Cycling Legend)
Daniel Navarro (Alberto's Top Lieutenant in the TDF)
Alberto Contador
Miguel Rojo (Specialized's Spanish Distributor)
Christophe Sauser (World XC and Marathon Champion)
Matt Hunter (Freerider)

Unfortunately, some members of the cycling public engaged in a little too much overly friendly Argy-Bargy with Alberto and he was forced to abandon the ride before the halfway mark. Ned would only dream of dropping out of a public-invited ride!

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