Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bill... Manning or Myth

The Telegraph Trail has been ridden for decades by Durango Mountain Bikers and has been a news story in Durango lately. For the latest information on the various recreational and development possibilities for this popular recreation area, we turn to Durango Trail Advocate Adam Howell and his Horse Gulch Blog, "Watchdogging for the Greater Grandview Ridge Area". Here you'll find the most comprehensive review of the presented plans and public meetings for this popular trail system. The latest Horse Gulch Blog posting (starting below) was based on a recent interview with Trails 2000's Founding Director (and Living Legend according to MBS's John Glover) Bill Manning - now the Managing Director of the Colorado Trail Foundation.

The History of the Telegraph Trail
Alleged telegraph line was really a telephone line!!!

Don’t let the name of the Telegraph Trail or the associated local weekly newspaper in Durango fool you as to what actually runs up Horse Gulch and over the hill past Grandview: an old telephone line.

Yes, this monumental, earth-trembling revelation is true, as was confirmed this week by the few local long-timers who worked on the lines, were served by the lines, are still alive and are still living in La Plata County.

Click HERE to read the entire story of the Telegraph Trail and the man who built the modern trail, Bill Manning...

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