Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miracle on 32nd Street

Crews are re-striping the lines on 32nd Street in Durango this week and they're making very significant changes for the benefit of cyclists. In this case, the usable Bike Lane has been increased in width by 2 feet by moving it away from and off the gutter pan and by reducing the travel lane to 11 feet. Yes, you did read that correctly - they are reducing the width of the travel lane. Our hats go off to Amber Blake, the City of Durango's MultiModal Coordinator, to Jack Rogers and Gregg Boysen, of Durango's Public Works, and City Manager Ron LeBlanc for their progressive thinking. Local advocacy groups working together as the Safe Roads Coalition and spearheaded by Drew Bourey and Wade Moore, can feel proud of their efforts in helping make this change, and others, more likely to happen.

New Road Cross Section - from Curb-to-Center:
- 12-18" Gutter Pan (no longer used as part of the Bike Lane)
- 4" White Line (new)
- 5 foot Bike Lane (was about 3-1/2 feet when excluding the unusable gutter pan)
- 8" Double White Line (new and improved!)
- 11 foot Travel Lane (was 13 feet)
- 13 foot Center Turn Lane

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