Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Additional ART Announcement

Though this section of the Animas River Trail was finished late last Fall, I couldn't get a good picture before our copious Winter snowfalls began and knocked this mileage-adding detour from my commute to and from work... so now I make amends. This is now the southern-most section of the Animas River Trail and it terminates at River Road (and the bridge named Rivera Crossing in honor of Juan Maria Antonio Rivera, a Spanish explorer credited with naming the Rio de las Animas Perdidas, the River of Lost Souls, in 1765). With the addition of the bridge in the previous Post (and some other small connecting work), the Animas River Trail will be fully continuous for about 7-miles from it's northern terminus at 29th Street to this current southern end. And some day, it will also extend another 2-miles north into the Animas Valley. Again, our hats off to both Kevin Hall and Scott McClain, the Trail Bosses at the City of Durango.

At the southern end you can exit to ride La Posta Road, shop, or continue home. In the future you may be able to go straight under the bridge and continue to Grandview, and eventually Bayfield.

This view shows the approximately 1/4-mile section of bridges, abutments and retaining walls required for the trail to pass through safely. In the foreground is Dallabetta Park, used for enjoying the Animas River stream side, fishing access, and as a put-in/take-out for rafters and kayakers.

Closer view of the solid bridge.

This adjoining section travels along the Animas River and through a wooded section behind Escalante Middle School. It likely qualifies as the quietest and most scenic portion of Animas River Trail.

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