Friday, February 5, 2010

B & B's Excellent Adventure, Pt 1

Ben Peterson and Brandon Donahue recently escaped the cold and snow of Durango for a long weekend of wandering and cruising New Mexico's finest attractions in route to a visit of Old Mexico.
Fotos by Brandon Donahue
Male Modeling by Ben Peterson

The Very Large Array near Magdalena.

The boardwalk at Bosque del Apache near Socorro.

A Bosque resident, the Great Blue Heron.

White Sands National Monument, near Almogordo.

The lunar landscape of White Sands.

Ben and yucca elata

Brandon's wheels, post White Sands.


  1. I got your blog post off of my Google Alerts and just wanted to let you know that the picture you labeled as a Whooping Crane is actually a Great Blue Heron. For more information and pictures of whooping cranes, visit

  2. Thanks for the tip. I claim temporary insanity! I did change the caption, though I really need to post the Whooping Crane pictures from their trip. Cheers, Drew