Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter on the Animas River Trail

One of the pride and joys of Durango is the Animas River Trail, which contrary to local confusion, is maintained on a daily basis year around. The trail travels through several city parks and across five bridges, and I get to use it everyday to ride to and from work. The trail currently extends about 5 continuous miles - luckily from just about where I live to just about the Bouré workshop. Within a year or so, anticipated work on one bridge and one trail connection will extend the trail another 2 miles south. Even better, there are ongoing plans to extend the trail another 2 miles north into the Animas Valley.

The development of the Animas River Trail in Durango has occurred over several decades, beginning in 1976. And to give credit where it's due, we offer a big thanks to Kevin Hall, the City of Durango's Parks, Open Space and Trails Viceroy. He's personally overseen the most rapid expansion of this trail system to date.

On firm packed powder, excellent traction can be had with a set of Continental Town and Country tires. Looks great for skate skiing, too! Did we mention Kevin Hall's a XC skier, originally from Wisconsin?

This snowblower is one of many machines the City of Durango uses to quickly clear snow and allow the trail to be used as an everyday bike commuter route. Honestly, the trail is always in better shape for riding than the adjoining streets after a snow storm.


  1. Kevin Hall couldnt xc ski his way out of a paper bag. BP

  2. Sure was fun riding this trail to and from the SSWC09 festivities, the Bouré Shoppe, and the Bourey household! Riding the packed snow would be another fun outing for this California girl.